Our Story

In 2010 NBCA was formed by a handful of warm-hearted New Brighton residents who were willing to volunteer their time and their knowledge for the betterment of our community. Following the rules and regulations for non-profits and for community associations they put the legal bases of this committee with the main focus to lobby for schools in our neighborhood – in 2010 New Brighton had no schools and the provincial plans were pretty vague regarding where and when new schools will be built. Once the construction of the first schools started most of the members of the committee started the parents committees of the new schools.

NBCA together with the parents committees started to advocate and to raise money for different facilities needed for schools like playgrounds and libraries. With the schools being fully established NBCA started to look towards new venues and new horizons to improve the community well-being.

Now (2020) the NBCA starts a new chapter, with a new team and with new projects and challenges ahead. The pandemic put a halt to some ongoing projects but in the same time gave us the opportunity to regroup and rethink our strategy.