Mini Olympics

This unique event that unfolded on June 9, 2019 was designed as a signature event for New Brighton Community Association. We wanted to have this event ongoing for years to come but this once in a lifetime pandemic stopped us short. The 2019 champions, Austin A., Kameron K. and Cash C. are still waiting for their celebratory ceremony and pictures with the awesome trophy that has their names engraved on.

Once our lives come back to normal we plan to resume this event. We are sure that many parents who brought their kids to the event had no idea who was behind it but hey, it was new for NBCA too and the amount of work and preparation we put into it needed most of our attention and promoting our Community Association was not the top priority.

You had fun? For sure we had and we build up a strong foundation for future similar events. We were very fortunate to have Tristan from Trixtan Entertainment on our Board at that time – his expertise and the equipment he provided made a big difference.