Mason Bees

You’ve asked yourself questions about bees, plants and pollination? You are carefully choosing the plants that you want around your house, giving priority to native plants that help the soil and the insects? Then you may be interested in the mason bees project for your backyard – we’ve tried and we are sold. 

Mason bees are the perfect pollinators for our backyards because they are easy to raise, they don’t sting and you can have a blast watching them at work. 

A simple search on the internet will give you a lot of materials to study but we will mention here some resources we’ve used in the past to give you an idea where to start.

On this page you have interesting educative movies that are clear and easy to understand –

Here is a passionate guy who tells the mason bees stories in a funny simple way –

Now you have the start, the continuation is all up to you. 

10 % discount for New Brighton residents. 

You want to give mason bees a try?  Mason Bee Central, a family business that “grows” and sells bees and accessories, is kind enough to offer 10% discount for all the cocoons and bee supplies you order from them. After the purchase, you send them an email saying that you live in New Brighton, Calgary and the Community Association told you about the 10% discount.

They are pretty busy with the bees and logistics and not so big into online platforms so the discount will be in the form of a refund for the 10%, within the next month or so. Check what they have in stock and if interested give them a try – .